Training & Development (T&D)

We develop performance superiority. Our multi-disciplanary subject matter experts maintain an impeccable track record of developing people who excel. In order to drive success, GPS focuses on "what training is right" versus "who's training is right", or simply "being right". We build and implement occupational competence into organizations, teams and people. Focus areas include: 

  • Fitness, Strength & Conditioning

  • Occupational & Technical Training

  • Cognitive & Physical Readiness

  • Team & Personal Effectiveness

  • Professional & Cultural Development

  • Scenario Based Training

Education & Learning (E&L)

We build firm foundations. GPS's instructional design simplifies complex principles to achieve timeless fundamentals that win. From day one, we start to develop fortitude through attitude and aptitude. Our organization maintains a proficient and leading edge staff with remarkable military, civil and academic experience. Focus areas include:

  • Instruction & Curriculum Development

  • Instructor Qualification & Certification

  • Effective Performance Strategies

  • On-Line Prepatory Instruction

  • On-Site Course Delivery

  • Accelerated Learning

Research & Development (R&D)

We operationalize concepts. GPS's dedicated team and influential partners provide R&D services in the Physical, Engineering, & Life Sciences, Proactive Human Performance & Health and Scientific & Technical Consulting. Our right place, right time approach transforms novel theories into actionable effects for front line execution. Focus areas include:

  • Talent & Organizational Performance

  • Lifecycle Program Management

  • Systems Integration Services

  • Research Logistical Support

  • Protocol Development

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